Why Sprint?

The best way to learn is by doing and there is no better way to do than when you are guided by community experts.

A Sprint is a hackathon where you can be trained and then contribute to an open source project. In a single sprint there are many different projects each led by experts who can guide you through your first contributions.

How to register?

Anyone can join the sprint (or lead a project at the sprint). A conference ticket is not needed (but encouraged). Pre-register your interest if you are thinking of attending.


When to sprint

PyCon APAC sprints will be held online Nov 27-28th, 10-18 UTC+7

Each day consists of

  • 10am Standup. Anyone who wants to lead a project gives a pitch on what they want to achieve and who they are looking for
  • 17pm Report-out. Project leads let the whole sprint know what got achieved.

Where to sprint?

The sprint will be held on the Python-Asia discord server.

This allows for teams from countries as far apart as Korea and Indonesia to collaborate on code in real time using text, voice, screen sharing, and pair programming as needed.

What to Sprint on?

Anyone can propose a sprint project even on the day. As long as its open source and python and you think it's ready for others to contribute to. Some of the Projects already registered are include web frameworks, ops, data and a variety of other projects. All skill levels welcome


Create committing rules for projects ๐Ÿš€ auto bump versions โฌ†๏ธ and auto changelog generation ๐Ÿ“‚

Lead: Wei Lee (Taiwan)

Skills required:


Python3 interpreter written in Rust

Lead: Jeong Yunwon (youknowone) (Korea, Republic of)

Skills required:

Thai - Dash

Scraping thailand public government data/documents and making it understandable. Currently covid data but the plan is to extend it other datasets of interest.


  • Dylan Jay (Thailand)
  • Jonathan Barratt - CTO Intelligent Bytes (Thailand)
  • Modi Reinhold Lauer (Thailand)

Skills Required:

  • Interest in data or learning pandas but anyone welcome
  • JS plotting skills would be helpful
  • Tasks are divided up between UI/JS/matplotlib, Pandas, Scraping

WagTail CMS

A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience

Lead: Mitchel Cabuloy (Philippines)

Skills Required:

  • First-time contributors welcome!
  • Previous experience using Wagtail
  • Django experience

Your project....

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Got a project you want help on?

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How to sprint

  1. Prepare: Have a development environment setup preferably ahead of time (if you pick a project look for their instructions)
  2. Login 9:30am 27th Nov. Platform TBA
  3. 10am Standup. Listen to project leads pitch for you join
  4. Pick Project: Put your name on the signup document next to the project of your choice
  5. Induction: the leader will help work out tasks suitable for your skill level and how much mentoring might be required. Typical project will be a mix of experts and beginners and tasks will be categorised by accordingly.
  6. Coding!: We will use an online space that easily allows you to share your screen and voice with others but you can work in whichever groups and use whatever collaboration tools you need to help each other.
  7. Have fun: In 2 days you may or may not finished what you started but for certain you will have had fun, met new people and learnt a lot.