Q: Who is behind this conference?
A: As like almost all Python and PyData conferences, this event is run and organised by volunteers contributing free time and supported by community sponsors contributing work time of their employees.

Q: How do I Login to my Account?
A: An email will be sent to you via the email address where you have made your ticket purchase. You will be given a link to access on

Q: Will the event be recorded? Where can I find them later?
A: All talks have been pre-recorded and will only be released about 2 weeks after the actual event on our Youtube channel at

Q: What is the language used as the medium of this International Conference?
A: The official language of the conference is English and most sessions are held in English language. All talks will be captioned in English by our group of volunteers. Sessions held in other languages will also be captioned in English. Note, we will host individuals from all over the world and you are not expected to be a native speaker. There will also be chatrooms of different languages moderated by volunteers from different countries to allow multi-lingual communication during the event.

Q: Where does the Conference take place?
A: PyCon APAC was initially set as a hybrid event, offering possibilities for both in-person and virtual attendance. But due to current COVID situation, we have decided to maintain only online. All conference sessions will be streamed and available for access at the virtual conference platform, Hubilo, allowing equal and fair opportunities to all registered participants to access presentations, participate in discussions and engage in networking. Should the situation in Thailand recovers and allow in-person sessions, we will organise watch parties in Bangkok, Thailand. Details shall then be announced in due time.

Q: What will virtual experience be like?
A: In the virtual platform, you will be able to create your personal profile, set 1-on-1 private meetings with other attendees, visit sponsors and partners booths, chat in the lounge and watch live discussions. All talks will be released at the same time on the first day of the conference to allow flexibility for attendees to watch the talks they prefer at their own timing. On the other hand, speakers Q&A sessions will be conducted live with the MCs. You can either post your questions in the Q&A forum or prepare the questions that you would like to ask the speaker. The schedule for the live Q&A sessions will be showed on the agenda. Be sure to check that out so as not to miss these sessions! To make talks easier for attendees to find their preferred topic, there will be 5 different catergorised tracks - Keynote, Data & IoT, Machine Learning, Community & Health and Development. There will also be English and multilingual chatrooms moderated by volunteers available for attendees to chat with each other. If you would like to meet random attendees, check out the lounge.

Q: What are the topics you cover in the programme?
A: Talk topics are all split in 5 different tracks : Keynote, Data & IoT, Machine Learning, Community & Health and Development. Apart from Python-related talks, we have invited several specialists to cover talks like Anatomy of Keyboards, Mental Health issues faced by Developers, Prevention of Common Back Problems, etc.

Q: I/ We have to say something to you.
A: If you would like to contact us, send us a message at

Q: What side events are occurring during the conference?
A: Apart from talks, there will be a job fair, a virtual snapbooth for you to take your own selfies, cooking session, talks by health specialists to discuss about common health problems encountered by developers, interactive game, live yoga session, and contests to participate and win attractive prizes! If you are inspired by the speakers and would like to try giving a talk, you can submit your lightning talk too!


Q: Will it be possible to attend the conference in-person?
A: If the situation allows and Thailand allows public gathering by the conference date, we might organise watch parties in Bangkok. Sign up to our newsletter to receive latest updates from us!

Q: What does the registration include?
A: Registration allows you to attend the entire conference over 2 days. But it does not include workshops or sprints unless you have signed up separately.

Q: Will there be live captioning?
A: Yes there will be English captioning for all talks but however, captioning will not be live.

Q: What about workshops?
A: Yes, there will be workshops. But seats are limited. Check out the workshop program page on our website to register your preferred workshop. Note: You do not need to purchase a separate conference ticket if you buy a workshop. Each workshop comes with entrance to the conference.

Q: What is the general layout of the conference schedule?
A: The layout of the conference will be: 1 days with 7 parallel workshops, 2 days with 5 parallel tracks of talks, and 2 days of programming sprints.

Q: I've bought two workshops. Can I get a ticket refund for one person since each workshop comes with a ticket.
A: Unfortunately we will not be able to refund you the price of the 1 conference ticket that comes with the workshop if you're attending both workshops. But if you would like to gift that extra conference ticket to another friend, drop us an email at along with the name and email address of the person that you would like to gift that extra ticket.

Q: Oh no, I've bought the ticket before signing up for the workshop. Can I get refunded for the ticket I've bought?
A: Yes, you can inform us by sending an email to and we will refund your ticket. Do note that refund will only take effect after the conference date.


Q: Do you need help?
A: YES! We can benefit from folks with the following expertise:
- Diversity and inclusion outreach
- Social media and marketing communication
- Speaker coordination and event emceeing
- Producing demo videos to onboard attendees, speakers, sponsors, close captioning
- Slack or forum moderating
Sign up on our volunteer form here

Q: What can I do to support?
- Lighten our communication load: log in advance to familiarise with the virtual platform, read our update emails (check your spam), be proactive and try to find answers by googling or via our community channels as the open slack group.
- You can also purchase a contributor pass to support us too.

Q: Your website is great, but I found a typo or otherwise missing information.
A: Thank you for pointing out the error! We need more eyes to screen through our contents. You can inform our tech lead , either do a screenshot or point out the error directly to address to the issue.

Q: I have another question, and I solemnly swear that it is not answered on this page already.
A: Sure! we'll be happy to assist you if we could. Drop us an email at


Q: Scheduling and Registration. Do I pick the time and date for my speaking session or will it be assigned to me?
A: Based on the speaker's form that you've submitted, we will try our best to allocate to your preferred time and date. We will keep you inform if we cannot accommodate to your choice.

Q: Lightning Talks.
A: A lightning talk (LT) is a short presentation of maximum five minutes. You will need to pre-record the video and submit to us during the conference date.

Q: How can I edit my speaker profile?
A: Go to the top right hand corner and click on your profile photo and click on to the edit profile link.

Q: I have submitted a talk, but would like to make some edits after the CFP.
A: Please feel free to make reasonable edits and improvements to your description any time. Regardless, your talk must not become a different one. Changes are monitored.

Q: What if I need technical assistance on the day of the conference?
A: Volunteers and staff will be on-site to assist throughout the day.


Q: Do the sponsors get any visibility during the sprint days?
A: Yes, all sponsors booths will remain visible during the entire sprint days too.

Q: What does the booth space look like?
A: You can have an idea of how your booth will look like here

Q: How do I register my booth staff?
A: Please send the email list of your booth staff to the sponsorship workgroup that have contacted you and they will address to this.

Q: When do I have to staff my booth?
A: Once the booth has been assigned to you, you will be able to access to the booth, customise it and staff your booth at your own convenience. Do plan ahead to get your assign your staff in the lounge on the day and time of the job fair too.

Q: I need an invoice for my corporate sponsorship.
A: Kindly submit your request to

A: Volunteers and staff will be on-site to assist throughout the day.