PyCon APAC Speakers

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer


Independent Software Developer
Talk :

Shopyo: Your Mega Flask Machine


Django and Flask regularly come out as the most preferred tools of Python developers. Django is the heavy tool while Flask is the flexible, tedious solution if not careful. This talk unveils Shopyo which leverages Flask loaded with Django advantages. Presenting a monster of a new kind.

Abdur's Bio:

Python developer for his own account, he comes from Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. He is a huge Flask fan and is involved in the Python community as organisers of several initiatives.

Albert 'bash' Yumol

Talk :

Python as a Tool for Social Activism


In this talk, I will share my experiences as tech activist in the Philippines on how I use Python and data to promote social good and impact.

From using open data to quantify government corruption to chatbots that aid students in online learning, we will be inspired in making tech serve the people.

Bash's Bio:

Bash is a data activist based in the Philippines promoting data driven and evidence based culture and solutions to various advocacies and organizations.

He is an advocate for using technology to for social development and nationalism and also teaches data science and its applications focusing on human centered design and data ethics.

Andy Goldberg


Principal Consultant
Centerfield Nine Consulting
Talk :

100 Million Blackjack Hands, and I Only Lost $1! Thanks to Python, joblib, and AWS.

Andy Goldberg

Placing a new casino game requires simulating the game for regulators and casino owners to understand the odds. We'll model a new Blackjack variant in Jupyter, then speed up the simulations with "joblib" parallelism, then turbocharge via AWS servers, allowing us to run 100 million+ hands per hour.

Andy's Bio:

Andy has 16 years experience at USA-based casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, consulting for casino owners & executives, building database marketing platforms, and leading teams of analysts and finance managers. As someone who struggles to simply do things "the way we've always done it," he is constantly improving the reports, analysis, presentations and data that executives use to make decisions. Originally a database expert, having written thousands of SQL queries against nearly every RDBMS system, he now builds backends, mobile apps, web applications and internal ETL/analytics processes in R, Python, JS, Dart and Kotlin. He recently invented a new casino blackjack game, called Dealer-First Blackjack and built to help people find work in the industry.

Anj Lapastora


Digital Operations Engineer
Talk :
How being part of the Python community allowed me to extend my passion (and strengthened my will to persevere)

Anj Lapastora

Being part of the Python community is fun because you get to extend your passion and it teaches you perseverance and endurance.

Anj's Bio:

Anj Lapastora is a Backend Developer with over three years of experience, where she contributes to several Python projects in various startups in Digital Marketing, and the Music Industry. As the Director of Marketing of PythonPH, her main contribution is in the promotion of the Python community across the Philippines through partnerships with different companies. She has given talks in different universities in Manila and the surrounding areas about Django. She is also a Python Mentor in Women Who Code Manila, where she led study groups for everyone. This is her first international talk, and her first talk about the Python community. In her free time, she likes playing mobile games, reading books, playing the guitar, and spending time with her pet cat. She is also learning how to make latte art, and how to speak in Spanish. She has been committed to spreading the word of the language since she started using it from 2017 until now.

Anthony Shaw


Python Advocate
Talk :
Visual Studio Code for Python Developers


In this talk you will learn how VS Code can be configured, extended, and optimized for a more effective and productive Python development environment. Once finishing this talk, you will be more productive using VS Code.

Anthony's Bio:

Anthony Shaw is a Python advocate from Sydney, Australia. Anthony is a contributor to many open-source communities. Running and contributing to a number of popular open-source tools for DevOps, Security, Automation and Code Quality. Anthony has been recognised for his contribution to open-source, including as Fellow of the Python Software Foundation and member of the Apache Software Foundation. Anthony runs a Python blog and YouTube channel and has recently published a book on the Python compiler.

Aravind Putrevu


Developer Advocate
Talk :
Collecting Logs, Metrics, Traces from Python Flask App using Elastic Stack


Every team aspires to discover the issues that are hurting the application's performance and scale. But, more so, it directly affects the developer productivity of the team.

And hence the collection of logs, metrics, and traces are so crucial for any team!

Aravind's Bio:

Aravind is passionate about evangelizing technology, meeting developers, and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has ten years of development experience.

Currently, he works at Elastic as Developer Advocate and looks after the Developer Relation function of India, South East Asia. Previously, He worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Sr. Software Engineer in Cloud Security Domain.

Audrey Tang

Taiwan Digital Minister
Talk :
Digital Social Innovation: Assistive Intelligence: Alignment and Accountability


When we see "internet of things", let's make it an internet of beings. When we see "virtual reality", let's make it a shared reality. When we see "machine learning", let's make it collaborative learning. When we see "user experience", let's make it about human experience. When we hear "the singularity is near", let us remember: the Plurality is here

Au's Bio:

Audrey Tang is Taiwan's youngest minister headhunted by the President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016. Often referred to as a genius and a child prodigy, Audrey started a company at age 15, managing a team of developers and hackers who worked in the coding language Perl. Audrey was a digital adviser to Apple in 2014, where they helped develop Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. One of Audrey's most-publicized accomplishments was creating a frequently updated map of locations where Taiwan’s citizens could find face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ben Thompson


Chiang Mai Osteopathy
Talk :
Posture and Pain


Posture is not something we care too much about until we get hit with back-pain. Back pain can be seen as a right of passage of getting old, welcome to the club, etc. It would surprise many to find that posture and back pain are not directly in causation.

When we think about posture, we often think about the negative aspects of it and how it relates to our lives (i.e. poor posture leading to a forward head, round shoulders, sway back). Posture plays an important role in our day-to-day activities, but it is not the main problem we face when we are sitting all day in front of the computer.

The main problem is that we do not have time to exercise, to move about, or to treat movement as vital to our well-being. Work takes precedence and for some people, exercise and movement are just not part of the daily routine. Habits are hard to change, and routine hard to establish if it is not necessary or fun.

The first step is therefore to understand the obstacles to change. Why do we not move more? What or who is stopping you from taking a physically active break while at work (is it really just the boss)?

The second step is to then figure out your back pain. Understanding back pain can be a minefield. Pain is probably not what you think is going on. That MRI scan that you have just been ordered to get by your physician may tell you that your back is broken: e.g. disc bulge at L5/S1. There are a lot of people that will tell you what is wrong from a scan, but the truth is they cannot (taken from The New Scientist 31/08/2019). Besides being incredibly expensive and a waste of time, getting an MRI scan may actually worsen your back pain, as once you start looking for abnormalities, you will find them.

Finally, you are left with either making a lifestyle change or going in for back surgery (or both). Seek an expert to give you guidance, support, and accountability to making the lifestyle changes. Always remember that pain is not what you think is going on.

Ben's Bio:

Ben is a UK trained (British College of Osteopathic Medicine) and registered Osteopath, with his own successful practice in Chiang Mai. Osteopathy is a system of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems. It is commonly used for chronic back pain relief. In addition, Ben has academic qualifications in Human Biology (University of St Andrews), Medical Education (King’s College London), Bioethics and Pharmaceutical Economics (London School of Economics), and Epidemiology and Public Health (University of Cambridge).

Bookee Suksa


Yoga and Pilates Instructor
Talk :
30mins WFH Break Yoga


Feeling stiff and sore from sitting in front of your computer all day? Come join this simple refreshing and energizing 30 minute WFH Break Yoga! This class is designed to stretch out your whole body, connect with your breath, focus your mind and replenish your body. No need for yoga mat, stretchy pants, or any other equipments. Perfect for all bodies and suitable for every yoga levels!

Bookee's Bio:

Yoga, Pilates and Barre instructor experienced with teaching movements for over 5+ years, conducting one-on-on and group sessions for all ages and levels in studios and dance schools. Enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long- term health and fitness goals. I believe a strong, healthy body is necessary for longevity and happiness, and achievable no matter your shape or size.

Cheuk Ting Ho


Terminus DB
Talk :
Developing a tap and target for - Open Source ETL


With lot's of databases and data products out there, pulling data from one and piping it into another is a common task. With taps and targets you can create your own pipeline easily. I will show you how to develop them in Python to work with a graph database.

Workshop :
Knowledge graph data modelling with TerminusDB


Storing data in a tabular format is not always ideal. Taking advantage of strong data in knowledge graphs can make handling complex data structure possible and data visualization easier. In this workshop, you will get all the basics to start modelling data, building schemas using triples.

Cherrie's Bio:

After spending 5 years doing computational research in Physics, Cheuk has transferred her analytical and logical skills in natural science and built a career in data science. Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies which demands high numerical and programmatical skills, especially in Python. To follow her passion for the tech community, now Cheuk is the Developer Relations Lead at TerminusDB - an open-source graph database. Cheuk maintains its Python client and engages with its user community daily.

Besides her work, Cheuk enjoys talking about Python in personal streaming platform and MidMeetPy podcast. Cheuk has also been a guest speaker at Universities and various conferences. On top of speaking at conferences, Cheuk also participates as organizers. Conferences that Cheuk has organized include EuroPython(which she is a board member of), PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in gender equality, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops and mentored sprints to support Tech Diversity and Inclusion. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.

Dima M Dinama


Python ID Organizer
Python ID
Talk :
Reading Indonesia General Election Result using Python


Python is a powerful language especially in computer vision field. This talk will explain about how I use CNN to read and analyse Indonesia election form, used by General Elections Commission (KPU in Indonesia). This talk will cover how to prepare and design CNN model, gathering training data, how it connect with other language API, and deploy the model in production.

Dima Dinama's Bio:

I am graduated Mechatronics Engineer but fell in love with Python Language. Love to try new things using python language and actively contributing in Indonesia's python community.

Diogenes Armando Pascua


Assoc Prof
University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, PythonPH
Talk :
Development of A Chlorophyl Meter for Plant Nitrogen Estimation in Agriculture Using Micropython


Existing Chlorophyll meters in the market today are expensive that most farmers cant afford to buy them .These meters are important in nitrogen fertilizer crop management. A low cost chlorophyll meter was developed using a hardware programmed in Micropython where the design will be tackled.

Diog's Bio:

I am an Electronics Engineer and a faculty of the University of Science and Technology in Southern Philippnes. I have been working on embedded system and have discovered micropython in 2017. I have used micropython in most of my research work. I have created my IOT devices in agricultural and fishery applications. I’m passionate in creating devices that are cost effective and has practical applications in real life not just a showcase of technological design and principles. I am also a pythonista in the Philippines and is an avid member of Pycon PH and PYTSADA-the local python organization in our CIty.I have also done talks in PYCON PH 2017 , PYCON APAC 2020 and PYCON HK 2020 mostly discussing Micropython and the power of Python programming as applied to microcontrollers.

Dr Lau Cher Han


Chief Data Scientist
Talk :
Unleashing potential in text data using NLP


Unstructured text is the largest manual data source that grows exponentially every second. We communicate our thoughts and document our lives using unstructured data. However, many companies neglect their unstructured text data be it email, product reviews, service logs or case files. Decision makers also not informed of emerging issues that help to increase revenue, or reduce cost. This talk covers the current state of development and application using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in businesses. Participants will learn NLP techniques practical use cases on applying these techniques in their industries.

Dr. Lau's Bio:

Dr. Lau Cher Han, CEO of LEAD, and a chief data scientist. He is the trainer and keynote speaker in data science and A.I for major companies, organisations, and government agencies across Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and other ASEAN countries. He has trained and advised many of the organisations including Intel, Standard Chartered, IBM, and Telekom Malaysia. He has also been invited as the keynote speaker in data science events, such as Microsoft Azure Global Bootcamp, Facebook Developer Circles, and European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR). As the CEO of LEAD, Dr. Lau's current focus is on helping clients to grow their data science teams, gain insights by combining structured and unstructured data, and implementing data analytics and big data strategies, preparing clients for the future big data economy. He has also launched during the Covid-19 period, to use artificial intelligence to combat the Coronavirus on a large scale.

Dr Drew Mallory


Psychologist and Professor
Sasin School of Management
Talk :
Worker Well-being During COVID: From Fatigue to Flourishing


Join Dr. Drew to kickstart your recovery. Health experts have succeeded in teaching people how to avoid catching COVID. But the virus isn't the only problem the pandemic has introduced. Mental health for workers has suffered around the world, and self-care is too often overlooked. Dr. Drew invites you to join him on a guided journey away from the COVID chaos and on your first steps toward flourishing. Dr. Drew will discuss why COVID has brought such unique challenges to workers, and invite participants to complete a coaching exercise that brings attention back to the things that matter most.

Dr. Drew's Bio:

Dr. Drew B. Mallory is a professor of organizational behavior at Sasin School of Management. With additional degrees in social work and evidence-based social interventions, Dr. Drew holds a unique skillset that allows him to work with individuals on a wide range of organizational and personal issues. Dr. Drew has lived and worked in many countries in Asia and Europe, as well as in the United States, his home country. Dr. Drew's works as a coach with individuals who seek to make improvements in their individual or professional lives (learn more at As a researcher, he specializes in social and organizational research in areas like sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion. He holds a Doctorate and Masters of Psychology from Purdue University, USA; a Master of Science in Evidence Based Social Intervention from the University of Oxford, in the UK, and is also a licensed social services worker in the USA. Prior to joining Sasin, he was most recently the Expert Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion Policy at KU Leuven, a leading research university in Belgium. Dr. Drew has also acted as a visiting Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior/Business Administration at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, a lecturer at Assumption University in Thailand in Business Administration, and a Lim Kim San Fellow at Lee Kong Chian School of Business at Singapore Management University.

Eric Snow


Senior Software Engineer
Python team at Microsoft
Talk :
Python's Place in the World


Python has become a significant programming language over the last 30 years, with a community to match. So let's look at it closely: - What makes Python great? - What are the foundations of the Python community? - What is a Python core developer? - How is Python developed? - What does all this mean for you? We'll cover a lot of material but always tie it back to what makes Python Python.

Eric's Bio:

Eric has been a core Python developer since 2012, focusing his efforts on internals like the import system the runtime. Since 2014 he has been slowly working on his multi-core Python project, which includes exposing subinterpreters in the stdlib. Eric lives in Utah with his very patient family. He works remotely at Microsoft on the open-source Python extension for Visual Studio Code and on CPython. He is currently working on a project with Guido Van Rossum making CPython faster.

Florian Hoenicke


Solution Engineering Lead
Talk :
AI-powered search in Production?


Build a production-ready search application using Neural Search. This presentation inspires you on how to phrase real-world problems as search problems and solve them using Jina. Most people think of search as text-to-text search, but Jina allows basically any x-to-y search where x and y can be of any type like image, text, 3d model, video, audio, or even amino acid sequence.

Florian's Bio:

Why does learning rhyme with earning? I am a passionate and persistent programmer who has high demands on code quality and loves to get things done. To me, the most interesting aspect about development is to analyze the clients needs and to come up with interesting approaches. I like to work in multicultural, agile, open-minded work environments. It’s important to me to be involved in the full cycle of development, rather than only focusing on a specific process. After graduation, I worked some years in the e-commerce industry at Axel-Springer, then moved to consulting at Deloitte, spend some time at Soundcloud and now settled down at Jina AI.

Gajendra Deshpande


Assistant Professor
KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Karnataka, India
Talk :
Build Your First Cyber Forensic Application using Python


In this talk, one can learn how to develop their own cyber forensic tool using standard python library functions and modules.

Gajendra's Bio:

Mr. Gajendra Deshpande holds a Master’s degree i.e., M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi and PG Diploma in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics from National Law School of India University, Bengaluru India. He is working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. He has a teaching experience of 12+ years and Linux and Network Administration experience of one year. Under his mentorship teams have won Smart India Hackathon 2018, 2019 and 2020. He is Technical Director for Sestoauto Networks Pvt. Ltd. Presented talks at prestigious conferences such as SciPy USA, JuliaCon, PyCon France, PyCon Hong Kong, PyCon Taiwan, COSCUP Taiwan, PyCon Africa, BuzzConf Argentina, EuroPython, PiterPy Russia and SciPy India. Worked as Reviewer and Program Committee member for reputed International Journals and conferences including JOSS, JOSE, SciPy USA, SciPy Japan, JuliaCon, JupyterCon, PyData Global, and PyCon India, and publishers include Manning USA and Oxford Univesity Press. He leads PyData Belagavi and OWASP Belagavi chapters. He is also GitHub Certified Campus Advisor.

Grimmer Kang


Talk :
Use Pyodide to run Python in browsers - rendering medical DICOM files as an example


Pyodide allows people to run pure Python code, native Python package, and some built-in scientific stack in browsers. NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy, and scikit-learn are included. It was started by Mozilla developer, Michael Droettboom and becomes a popular open-source project in communities. Recently, Project Jupyter release JupyterLite as its next-generation interface and which is based on Pyodide. The magic under the hood is WebAssembly. This talk will use a real-world example, rendering medical DICOM files in browsers to introduce, covering - why and when to use Pyodide - how Pyoide works - how to use Pyodide - how to render DICOM by Python and go through the code - overcome the bottlenecks After the talk, you should be able to learn Pyodie quickly. If you are interested in extending Python power to another world and are willing to use some JavaScript to interact with Python, or want to use Python on medical files, you can consider listening to this talk !!

Grimmer's Bio:

A programmer enthusiastic to make something good for people. Love physics, programming, psychology, and reading.



Software Developer
Quansight Labs
Talk :
Building Polyglot Python applications using MetaCall Core


With MetaCall Core, you can implement Polyglot applications that make it possible to mix different programming languages. In this talk, we will be discussing how MetaCall Core works internally. We will also walk through a Polyglot Machine Learning application to demonstrate how MetaCall Core works.

Harsh's Bio:

Harsh is a Software Developer at Quansight Labs and a Google Summer of Code 2021 Student Developer at MetaCall. His experiences revolve around Web engineering, DevOps and Algorithms along with a keen interest in Machine Learning technologies. He also helps maintain and spearhead technical documentation at moja global, which revolves around building open source MRV software to help organizations fight climate change in the land-use sector. In his free time, he likes to work on his Historical Fiction Trilogy and Cooking.

Isabela Moreira


Software Engineer
Talk :
Anatomy of Keyboards


New to the mechanical keyboard world? Interested in building your own keyboard? This beginner-friendly talk will go over the anatomy of a mechanical keyboard, from the low-level hardware to customizing the perfect board for you.

Isabela's Bio:

Isabela is a software engineer at Microsoft, building an accessibility-first component library and design system. Previously at Google and several startups, she's most at home when working hand in hand with designers to create beautiful and usable products. Isabela loves mechanical keyboards and building things with her hands. She's an advocate for women and the disabled community in tech and frequently speaks out on Twitter and provides tech resources on her blog.

Iván Torroledo


Senior data scientist
McKinsey & Company
Talk :
Taking your data science code to production level using Kedro


Have you had problems taking your machine learning model to production level? or has collaborative work been a nightmare in your data science projects? Let’s take a look at Kedro, the first open-source tool from QuantumBlack labs, and take your data science code to production level code.

Iván's Bio:

Senior data scientist with 5+ years of experience in industries such as consumer, energy and banking,

Ivy Fung


PyCon MY Conference Lead
Talk :
The past, the present and the future


We are here because of what we went through; our future will be what we are doing today. The challenges, the struggles and the happy moments of PyCon Malaysia might be similar to yours and resonate with you; they might be different from yours, and we hope you know us better after this.

Ivy's Bio:

Ivy is a trainer specializing in blockchain technology, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She developed blockchain-related training materials for working professionals and syllabus for universities, and conducted training for lecturers while serving as a Training Manager in NEM, a blockchain company. Started her career as a programmer, Ivy gradually moved to sales positions and management positions. Over the years, she has been working in different industries, including FMCG, property development, and medical. While serving as the Branch Manager of an FMCG, she multiplied the sales 10x compared to the time she took over the branch. Conducting training has been part and parcel of her career life. Other than technical topics, sales techniques, communication skills, and leadership are the topics she often takes on. She attributes this to her time spent as a toastmaster. Ivy holds an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma and an Executive MBA in International Marketing from the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Having trained academically in IT and marketing, together with all the experiences she gained in various industries and roles, she always has a holistic view of any topic she wraps her mind around.

Kim Jaeyoon


Republic of Korea
Legislative Researcher
Talk :
Automate reporting covid-19 report in civil service environment


Jaeyoon's Bio:

I am a civil servant in the Korean National Assembly who loves Python. I review and develop draft legislations for the Health and Welfare Committee. For the past 4 years, I have been presenting at Pycon Korea on how to analyze legal texts and automate tasks in the government. The legislative and legal domains, as well as government affairs, are perhaps the areas that have the least relevance to Python. I continue to work to close that gap. Now is the time to focus not only on citizen developers, but also on 'civil servants developers' or 'lawyer developers'. Bio. Jaeyoon Kim (김재윤, 金渽潤) Legislatvie Researcher, the Health and Welfare Committee of the National Assembly Ph.D. in Public Policy (Seoul National University) Contact., jy@assembly.go.kr

Kalyan Prasad


Data Scientist/Analytics Manager
Talk :
Decision Tree Visualization


Kalyan's Bio:

A self-taught data scientist/analytics manager, speaker & community first-person. His experience involves executing data-driven solutions to increase efficiency, accuracy, and utility of internal data processing. Experienced at creating data regression models, using predictive data modeling, and analyzing data mining algorithms to deliver insights and implement action-oriented solutions to complex business problems. He loves discovering data trends, seeing unique correlations, and telling the stories behind the numbers from different domains data in various forms., Kalyan has contributed to various tech communities. He enjoys being involved with these communities and helping them grow. Currently I am associated with the following groups below:

Hyderabad Python Users Group – Core Member/ Meetups Organizer PyConf Hyderabad – Organizing Committee Member PyCon India – Review Panel Work Group Lead Humans for AI – Program Manager for AI learning Community

Kim JiWon


South Korea
Online Community Manager
Talk :
Why Digital Marketers Should Learn Python


Jiwon's Bio:

Jiwon Kim is a digital marketer/online community manager at Drizzlin Media, working with Microsoft and Samsung Display. She is especially passionate about Business Development, Market Research, and Marketing Strategy. She is also a Data Driven Investor platform writing contributor - writing articles about Artificial Intelligence in Korea. Jiwon has been participating in the tech community as a Volunteer Board Member at Girls in Tech Korea in charge of Marketing and PR. In addition to her marketing experience, Jiwon is a Python hobbyist who is learning programming in baby steps 💛

Kim Joonki


South Korea
Lablup Inc
Talk :
The next generation SQLAlchemy with asyncio


Joonki's Bio:

Working as CTO in Lablup Inc, developing Backend.AI with contribution to many open sources such as aio-libs. Received Ph.D in KAIST about packet processing framework accelerated with heterogeneous processors. Interested in backend and systems programming.

Joshua Arvin Lat


Chief Technology Officer
NuWorks Interactive Lab
Talk :
Machine Learning Engineering Done Right: Designing and Building Complex Intelligent Systems and Workflows with Python


It is not an easy task to build systems and workflows that involve Machine Learning and ML Engineering requirements. In this talk, I will share the different solutions on how to design and build complex intelligent systems with Python while making sure that the best model is deployed in production.

Arvs's Bio:

Joshua Arvin Lat is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc. He previously served as the CTO of three Australian-owned companies and also served as the director for software development and engineering for multiple e-commerce start-ups in the past, which allowed him to be more effective as a leader. Years ago, he and his team won first place in a global cybersecurity competition with their published research paper. He is also an AWS Machine Learning Hero and has shared his knowledge at several international conferences, discussing practical strategies on machine learning, engineering, security, and management. He is the author of the book "Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker Cookbook"

Kan Ouivirach


Data Craftsman
Talk :
My Journey to Become an Airflow Contributor


With a large number of contributors, contributing to Airflow can be scary. However, there is always room for everyone. This talk discusses my journey from Airflow newbie to an Airflow contributor. More importantly, I explain how you can also start your journey in this amazing and friendly community.

Kan's Bio:

Kan is an enthusiastic engineer who not only has a scientific mindset, but also a practical approach to software solutions. He is passionate in software engineering, data engineering, and data science. More importantly, he loves Python and uses it every single day at work. When there's any time left to burn Kan likes to improve his skills by taking some courses or contributing to some open-source projects.

Kanisorn Sutham


Software Developer
Talk :
Clean up Django tests with pytest, factory_boy, and Faker


Pythonistas who enjoy writing good, clean tests! This talk will go over how I clean up my Django tests using pytest, factory boy, and faker, which is a new and simple way to write tests. Rather than simply introducing tools, this will demonstrate how I structure entire tests using these tools.

Karl's Bio:

Kanisorn is a software developer who believe that crafting software should have creativity and quality in mind. He is passionate in software engineering, modern software development process, software quality. He love to help people raise their software engineering practice skill via teaching, sharing, and coaching with his experiences. In the spare time, He likes to code for fun, do some experiments, write and share tech blog from his experiences on his personal web blog.

Karishma Babbar


Machine Learning Specialist
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Workshop :
Machine Learning Lifecycle Made Easy with MLflow


Machine learning development poses various challenges - trying multiple algorithms and parameters to get the best results, tracking these runs, and deploying the model on diverse tools. This workshop provides a hands-on experience of managing the complete machine learning lifecycle using MLflow.

Karishma's Bio:

Karishma is currently working as a Machine Learning Specialist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, India. Her work is focused on developing data extraction solutions using machine learning and natural language processing generating significant client revenue. She comes from an engineering background with around ~4 years of experience in the data science domain. When she is not in front of a screen, she enjoys volunteering for women empowerment and diversity causes.

Katie McLaughlin


Talk :
Turning 'wat' into 'why'


When using a programming language for the first time, a new developer coming across a bugbear may state: "Oh, this language is TERRIBLE. I HATE IT"

Or: "Huh.. I wonder why that is..."

Take a trip along the latter path through a dozen different languages and understand why things the way they are.

Katie's Bio:

Katie has worn many different hats over the years. She has been a software developer for many languages, systems administrator for multiple operating systems, and speaker on many different topics. When she’s not changing the world, she enjoys cooking, making tapestries, and seeing just how well various application stacks handle emoji.

Kir Chou


Talk :
Learn from LL(1) to PEG parser the hard way


In late 2019, Guido van Rossum wrote a series of articles about PEG parser and gave the talk "Writing a PEG parser for fun and profit" in a couple of conferences, such as North Bay Python, mentioned the motivation of his research and prototype of PEG parser. In late 2020, other authors of PEP 617, Pablo Galindo and Lysandros Nikolaou, (created around mid of 2020) were interviewed on Podcast.init to talk about the result of the new PEG parser in CPython. Above contents assume the audience with solid compiler fundamental knowledge, but the fact is most People, including this talk's speaker, are not specialized in compiler. And another fact is most of the compiler class in school around the world only covers traditional top-down and bottom-up parsing techniques, not to mention PEG parser that appeared in the early 2000s.

For the above reasons, the speaker will stand on the shoulders of giants and share his hard way after a few months of study. He will talk about the fundamentals of Parser (part of compiler frontend), including CFG, traditional parsing techniques, PEG, Packrat parser, and PEG parser in CPython.

Kir's Bio:

A code monkey from PyCon TW with some experience in search and geo services. Kir is part of Agenda team in PyCon TW. Kir is also a speaker and presented at PyCon TW, PyCon JP, and EuroPython before. This is Kir’s first presence in PyCon APAC.

Mariatta Wijaya


Staff Software Engineer
Talk :
Building a Culture of Documentation by Learning from Open Source Community


Open source and documentation go hand in hand. In fact, the wide adoption of open source libraries depend on the availability of good documentation. As users, we demand documentation from open source libraries we use. As contributors, we rely on contributing guides in order to get onboarded and start contributing to the project. Whereas, in my 15+ years of working in the tech industry, I’ve seen teams and private organizations do poorly at technical documentation. The teams either did not have technical documentation at all, or they did not know how to do it well. If there’s any documentation, it would be unmaintained and out of date. Open source collaboration is fascinating. As a professional software engineer and volunteer open source contributor, I get to learn the best from both worlds. In the past year, my team has been working towards building a culture of documentation by learning from best practises in the open source community. Learn how we’re doing it in this talk.

Mariatta's Bio:

Mariatta Wijaya is the first woman to join Python’s core development team in 2016 and is the maintainer of Core Python’s GitHub bots. One of the bots she maintain is miss-islington that automatically backports and merges CPython pull requests. Mariatta is also co-organizer of Vancouver PyLadies and the PyCascades conference. She is a full-time Staff Software Engineer at Uplight. Originally from Indonesia, she lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two children. Mariatta has received the Python Software Foundation (PSF) community service award.

Masashi Shibata


Research Engineer
Talk :
MLOps case studies: Building fast, scalable, and high-accuracy ML systems

Masashi Shibata-talk

As is generally well known, there are challenges to build production-class machine learning systems in terms of team skills, performance, etc. Our company published some products that use machine learning technologies. In this talk, I will share three MLOps case studies in our company. The first case study is building memory-efficient Python binding for LIBFFM by using NumPy C-API. The second case study is accelerating a gRPC-based ML prediction server by Cython. And the last case study is implementing Warm Starting CMA-ES, the transfer learning for hyperparameter optimization using Optuna and MLflow to make the hyperparameter optimization more efficient.

Masashi's Bio:

I'm a research engineer located in Tokyo and interested in web development and machine learning. I'm a creator of go-prompt/kube-prompt, a committer of Optuna, and a reviewer of Kubeflow/Katib. Books/translations: "Expert Python Programming Japanese Edition (2nd and 3rd)" and "Practical Django".

Matt Lebrun


PythonPH President
Talk :
How Python Supercharged my Maker's Journey


I love creating tools for productivity or just for fun and Python has been my favorite language to do just that. When consumer 3D printing finally became more accessible for me, I thought I could finally extend my love for making things but as physical objects. My head was instantly filled with even more possibilities! This talk explores how my passion for programming took what I can do with my 3D printer to the next level.

Matt's Bio:

Matt is a Software Engineer with 14 years of experience, the President of the Python Philippines community, and a Python Software Foundation Fellow. As community leader, he recognizes that people join and step up to grow themselves but then burnout is real. Together with the other leaders, they strive to create an environment where balance can be achieved. Where those who choose to step up and help others can do so sustainably. So far, things seems to be working, but its still a work in progress. Most importantly, he is a coffee and peanut butter enthusiast.

Ming-Yang Ho


Data Scientist
Talk :
Get 3D models out of nothing: Python implementation of deep learning-based 3D models reconstruction from 2D images.


Many people learn Python for deep learning (DL). However, people might usually associate DL with dog/cat classification, object detection (YOLO), or GAN, etc. However, DL can do more than you can imagine! Here, we introduce a fantastic task of 3D model reconstruction with python implementation.

Kaminyou 's Bio:

A passionate data scientist and full stack developer who excels at solving practical problems, especially in 2D/3D CV, audio, and medical signal, by designing ML/DL algorithms and building full-stack web applications to provide service.

Naomi Ceder


Previous chair of the Python Software Foundation
Workshop :
Exploring Python Fundamentals Hands On


Have you sometimes wondered how something really works in Python? For example, how do slices work? Or how are list comprehensions and generator expressions different? In this workshop we'll create experimental classes, use the Python disassembler, and the timeit module to explore your questions about Python, and get you comfortable doing your explorations in the future. No advanced knowledge of Python is required - if you can write Python functions and have a very basic knowledge of classes, you can take this workshop and learn how to make your own Python experiments.

Naomi's Bio:

Naomi Ceder earned a Ph.D in Classics several decades ago, but switched from ancient human languages to computer languages sometime in the last century. Since 2001, she has been learning, teaching, writing about, and using Python.

An elected fellow of the Python Software Foundation, Naomi is the immediate past chair of its board of directors. She also speaks internationally about the Python community, and on inclusion and diversity in technology in general.

Naomi is the author of the Quick Python Book, 3rd ed and by day she leads a team of Python programmers for Dick Blick Art Materials, and in her spare time she enjoys sketching, knitting, and deep philosophical conversations with her dog.

Nat Weerawan


IoT engineer
Chiang Mai Maker Club
Talk :
How I Build an End-to-End IoT System with Python


In IoT application, to create firmwares, designing a data flow architecture, data visualization, and also ETL Process. Even though there are bundles of work to be accomplished, I figure out Jupyter Notebook and Flask come in handy to create Notebooks view, a rest-api and visualization tool.

Nat's Bio:

Nat is an IoT engineer who is interest data engineering and embedded system. He has contributed to the Maker Community in Thailand, well-known as Chiang Mai Maker Club (CMMC), as a community leader Club since 2014. He also works with Climate Change Data Center of Chiangmai University (CCDC) to develop hardware, write firmware and design IoT data architecture to collect particulate matter using low cost sensor called DustBoy Project

Neeraj Pandey


Ashoka University
Talk :
Computational Creativity: Could AI be the next DADA movement?


Learn how the computational, psychological, and economic aspects of AI-generated art, music, and generative design along with automated computational tasks using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Neeraj's Bio:

Neeraj is a senior at Ashoka University. Over the years, he has worked on a variety of full-stack software and data-science applications, as well as Computational-Arts and Quantitative-Finance projects, and likes the challenge of creating new tools and applications.

Novia L Wirhaspati


Lead Data Scientist
Talk :
Handling uncertainty: Introduction to Robust Optimization


Prescriptive analytics allows us to know decisions to take in order to optimize our objective function. But, what to do when your optimization model crumbles easily due to the uncertain events that make your previous solution no longer works? Let’s check at how robust optimization can help you.

Novia's Bio:

Novia L Wirhaspati met Python when she was a production planner several years ago. She found it fun to learn Python during the weekend. Obviously, back then, she had no idea on how it would affect her life in the future. Moving forward – after completing a masters degree in operations research, University of Edinburgh – she is working as a data scientist where she uses Python on a daily basis.

She really enjoys working on her projects, which can be from different domains like product ranking, budget optimization, demand forecasting, topic clustering, and many others. Whether it is related to predictive analytics or prescriptive analytics, she thinks it is always mentally rewarding if she can implement things she has learned in real life. In her spare time, she likes to read books and learn new things. She is also interested in operations research, Bayesian regression, and reinforcement learning.

Dr. Nuno Muralha


Surgeon and Founder of SurgeonMate
Talk :
From ideation to entrepreneurship - The Surgeons Perspective


Nuno Muralha is a successful surgeon and in 2014, when he started SurgeonMate project, he got the vision, and sense of mission, to help surgeons to improve their learning experience. During the talk, Nuno will share how a surgeon can become an entrepreneur and some of the feelings experienced along the roller coaster of innovation

Dr. Nuno's Bio:

Besides CEO of SurgeonMate, with already one product launched in the market (the Thermotec jacket), Nuno is a general surgeon with a differentiation in the area of minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery and surgical treatment of thyroid diseases, gastro-esophaseal reflux disease, gallbladder, colorectal, abdominal wall and complex wounds.

He made surgeries in South Africa, Spain and Portugal. He also has previous experience as an education professional being a volunteer professor in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine of Universidade do Porto (2010-2014).

The product was developed based on his practical experience, and know-how, together with other healthcare professionals. Being a surgeon who teaches medical students and surgical trainees, gave him the advantage to know first hand what we need the most to improve the medical education. Knowing the system, and its failures, makes him a better entrepreneur in the healthcare sector.

SurgeonMate was founded during his residency program, when he felt the need to improve his efficiency when working at the hospital and studying at home.

Chin Hwee Ong

(She/ Her)

Data Engineer
DT One
Talk :
Designing Functional Data Pipelines for Reproducibility and Maintainability


Designing data pipelines at scale is often a challenge, as testing and debugging across compute units are often complex due to dependencies at runtime. In this talk, I explore the use of functional programming in Python to design data pipelines that are reproducible and maintainable at scale.

Chin Hwee's Bio:

Chin Hwee Ong is a data engineer and aspiring polymath who happens to have a background in aerospace engineering and computational modelling. Leveraging on her dual interests in technology and business, Chin Hwee has successfully engineered her own career pivots - from developing aerospace technologies to building scalable data products and infrastructures for engineering and fintech companies. When not building end-to-end data pipelines at work, Chin Hwee is an international speaker who has been featured in major tech conferences such as EuroPython, PyData Global and FOSDEM. As a 90% self-taught programmer, Chin Hwee is currently learning Scala for functional programming and has a not-so-secret wish of making data pipelines run faster.

Dr. Praewpan Poriswanish

(She/ Her)

Orthopaedic surgeon
Talk :
Computer-related injuries: From Office Syndrome to Work From Home Syndrome, How to Survive the Pandemic Era?


  • How working from home hurts you
  • Common problems (symptoms & diseases) after long hours working on a computer
  • Preventions of those problems
  • Ergonomic workstation setup
  • Easy at-home exercises

Dr. Pui's Bio:

Dr. Praewpan Poriswanish is an orthopedic surgeon at Taksin and BNH Hospital. Praewpan specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy, however, most of her patients are trauma and work-related injury cases. Ten years of orthopaedic and over sixteen years of medical experience, thousands of patients had been treated with satisfactory results.

Pratibha Jagnere

(She/ Her)

Talk :
Metaclasses : The Realm of Metaprogramming


Pratibha's Bio:

Pratibha is an enthusiast Pythoniasta, passionate for coding and books. Through her PyCon talks, she love to explore and share new things she learn in Python.

Ramon Perez


Dominican Republic/ Australia
Workshop :
Pipelines 4 All: From Data Engineering to Machine Learning


Pipelines are useful tools that can be found in almost all data professions, especially in data science and all its derivative professions. With that in mind, the goal of this workshop is to show participants how to get started building ETL and machine learning pipelines from scratch.

Ramon's Bio:

Hello! I'm Ramon, a data scientist, researcher, and educator living in Sydney. Over the past five years, my roles have kept me working at the nice intersection of education, machine learning, and entrepreneurship and strategy research at Coder Academy and INSEAD, among others. Alongside that intersection, I also ventured briefly into the research areas of consumer behaviour and development economics in both professional and academic settings. In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking, playing baseball, and exploring many of the outdoor wonders Australia has to offer.

Rosalind Yunibandhu and Steve Doucakis

(She/Her) | (He/Him)

Thailand, USA
Founder and Managing Director | Executive Chef
Arcadia Fine Foods | Quince Bangkok
Live Session :
Pycon APAC 2021 Special Edition: Discovering the American Northeast



For this special edition of Little American Kitchen for Pycon APAC 2021, we'll be 'travelling' through food to the historical New England region - known for its great cities New York and Boston - but, also, its pastoral landscapes, abundant agricultural produce and incredible seafood. During this session, your hosts Rosalind Yunibandhu, Founder and Managing Director of Arcadia Fine Foods (Thailand), and Chef Steve Doucakis, former Top Chef Thailand contestant and Executive Chef Asia's Top 100 Restaurant, Quince, will be exploring with you the food traditions and culture of New England, and teaching you how to make a regionally-inspired recipe.

New England Clam Chowder

Stay tuned also for our Little American Kitchen Online Cookery Class Series launching in November 2021, where we'll be exploring the food and food culture of the other regions of the USA, too!

Rosalind's Bio:

Rosalind Yunibandhu is Founder and Managing Director of Arcadia Fine Foods, and founder of the Little Kitchens of Arcadia series of home cookery programmes. As a lover of both food and culture, she believes that food offers us much more than just a means of sustenance; to her, it's also a vehicle through which we can tell the unique stories of the land, people and traditions from which it is borne.

Rosalind is a Level 3 graduate of the Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET; Distinction), a graduate of plant-based culinary academy, PlantLab (formerly Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy), and holds degrees from Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

In another life, she spent 11 years in management consulting, which saw her co-founding and leading PwC's Sustainability & Climate Change practice in Thailand, and advising Southeast Asia's leading food and beverage companies on how to best manage their social and environmental impacts

Notably, she and Arcadia Fine Foods collaborated with the National Innovation Agency of Thailand's (NIA) Founder Apprentice programme for 3 years (2018-2020), and was 1 of 7 companies (out of a total of 34 companies) invited to feature in a national TV documentary on Thai PBS to be released in 2021.

She is currently managing the publication of a book called Petals of the Champaka: Recipes to Teach My Children and Grandchildren, a classic Siamese cookbook (1949) by her great-grandmother and culinary luminary, Than Phuying Mahidhorn (Kleeb Krairiksh) - set to be released in December 2021.

Steve's Bio:

Steve Doucakis is a Boston-bred, New York-trained chef who, after stints at ISA and 3 Michelin-starred Jean-George’s, took off to Asia to discover new cuisines and cultures.

His travels brought him through the streets of Taiwan and the rural villages of Vietnam, but it was the markets, flavors, and the people of Thailand that made him decide to stay. Driven to learn, explore, taste, and cook his way into the country, he took the role of executive sous chef at Bunker Restaurant, helping them earn and retain a Michelin Plate until his departure.

Chef Steve competed on Top Chef Thailand as the only non-Thai contestant while showcasing his knowledge of local ingredients. Now, as Head Chef of Quince Bangkok, he blends local ingredients and flavors with the Western cooking of his upbringing, utilizing the wood fire grill to showcase his skills.

Scotty Kwok


Hong Kong
Talk :
Python and Computer Vision from cancer classification to industrial applications


In part one of this talk, Scotty will rerun part of his talk delivered in 2018 PyCon HK keynote. He will again explain how deep learning & python could help pathologists to classify breast cancer microscopic images, which include the concepts of digital pathology, whole-slide image analysis, model validation, AI software stacks & hardware considerations. In part two, he will talk about some of the computer vision applications that his team has been developing in Sebit, and share both the fun and the challenge of computer vision projects. This part will include video analytics, edge AI and cameras.

Scotty's Bio:

Scotty Kwok, the co-founder of Sebit (, has decades of software development experience and is an expert in AI/computer vision. He is currently the CTO of Sebit, a Hong Kong start-up that provides computer vision solutions. Scotty 's Python journey started from a PyCon Hong Kong event where he realise the power of Python and Computer Vision, and from there he started his adventure from a Python newbie to using Python to solve medical problems and became a computer vision startup founder.

Steven Kolawole


Research Engineer
Data Science Nigeria
Talk :
Streamlit: The Fastest Way to build Data Apps


Streamlit is a fantastic new tool that lets you create powerful & highly-interactive web apps for your machine learning projects with deceptively simple Python scripts. The best thing about Streamlit is that it doesn’t require any knowledge of web dev. If you know Python, you’re good to go!

Steven's Bio:

Steven is a CS finalist with a skillset in the intersection between Data Science and Software Engineering…So he is, most times, a Machine Learning Engineer, with a strong bias for ML Research these days.

He is and has been heavily involved in varieties of ML subfields including ML Research, ML Engineering, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and Data Science/Analytics.

Steven is big on open-source dev, community, meetups facilitation, community mentorship, speakership, technical writing, and passionate about helping tech muggles find their feet.

Moreover, Steven has been trying to gain new hobbies (outside tech) recently. For instance, watching dance tutorials on YouTube, even though he has failed miserably so far.

Susan Shu Chang


Lead Software Developer
Quill Game Studios
Talk :
Narrative-focused video games development with Ren'Py, an open source engine


The game engine, Ren'Py, is an open source engine used to make countless interactive fiction games, also known as visual novels (VNs). These include commercial hits with VN elements such as Persona 5, to viral works such as Doki Doki Literature Club (2mil+ downloads as of Jan 2018).

I learned to program in Python using this engine, and have released my commercial game with it after working for a few years on it during weekends, selling 10K+ copies in 8 months. In the daytime, I work as a principal data scientist in fintech.

Outcome: The audience will understand the independent gaming industry and how they can use Python to break into the industry, as I share my journey. There will also be components of source code walkthrough, but will be more of an overview than a step by step tutorial due to the scope of the talk.

Susan's Bio:

Susan is the founder and sole developer of Quill Game Studios. She is a committee member of Aggregate Intellect, a machine learning platform with 13k+ YouTube subscribers. She is also a Principal Data Scientist at Clearbanc, a fintech company providing growth capital for online businesses. You can find Susan speaking at conferences such as PyCons, TMLS, and events like this one!

Takanori Suzuki


PyCon JP Association
Talk :
Introduction to Structural Pattern Matching


Structural Pattern Matching will be a new feature in Python 3.10. I think it's a big feature added to Python after a long time. In this talk, I will show you the basic usage of the feature with some sample code. Let's try to understand how to use Pattern Matching and start using it in 3.10.

Takanori's Bio:

Takanori is a Vice Chairperson of PyCon JP Committee( He is also a director of BeProud Inc.(, and his title is "Python Climber". Takanori held PyCon JP 2014 to 2016 as the chairperson. Currently he teaches Python to beginners as a lecturer at Python Boot Camp( all over Japan. In addition, he published several Python books. Tananori plays trumpet, climbs boulder, loves Lego, ferrets and beer.

Tonya Sims


Python Developer Advocate
Talk :
Faceoff Fun with Python Frameworks: FastAPI vs Flask


When you need to choose between web frameworks, our faceoff between FastAPI and Flask helps lead you to victory. To avoid wasting time, we help you discover the pros and cons of each. You’ll see a side by side comparison of features that will empower you to feel productive in your development quest.

“All the cool kids are using FastAPI for API development.” Imagine hearing this just as you start getting more comfortable using other frameworks, like Python’s Django or Flask, to build out your APIs. Folks, there’s a new kid on the block! In this talk, there’s going to be an epic face-off between FastAPI and Flask.

What is Flask?

Flask is a micro web framework built for Python designed to get your application up and running quickly. It’s lightweight and used by many different well-known projects.

What is FastAPI?

FastAPI (aka the new kid) is a modern Python web framework that takes all your favorite features from other tools and combines them into one. It was built for speed, rapid development, and enhanced developer experience.

We’ll do a side-by-side comparison of the two frameworks, including features and code structure, using a REST API. By the end of the face-off, you’ll have a much better understanding of which one you’ll use in your next project.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each and why you’d use one over the other. You may even find a lot of similarities between the two and some contrast as well. You’ll see different categories of features for the frameworks, and a winner will be chosen for each.

Finally, no matter which you prefer, FastAPI and Flask are both great choices for API development, so let’s have fun and let the face-off begin.

Tonya's Bio:

Voted into the Wisconsin Basketball Hall of Fame, former professional basketball player turned Pythonista Tonya Sims is currently a Python Developer Advocate at Vonage.

She considers herself to be humble and highly empathetic. An eclectic background in business and pharmaceutical sales has helped in her quest as a self-taught developer. It has allowed her to see the world from many different perspectives.

Tonya started her technology career working as an executive assistant for a leading financial investments company in their IT department. She transitioned into a computer operator role and learned how to code. Since her first tech role, she has worked as a software engineer in test and software development.

She is passionate about helping other budding engineers and loves to see people succeed. For fun, she enjoys playing the piano, watching documentaries, and listening to music.

Tushar Bansal


Software Engineer
Samsung Research and Development
Talk :
Bring your Gym Trainer at home with Artificial Intelligence.


Working from home has never felt as good as before. But it also adds on Kilos. With AI, we can now have effective workout sessions in our homes. You’ll learn to build a Virtual Trainer app that detects your exercise pose and provides personalized recommendations, meanwhile tracking your reps count.

Tushar's Bio:

Tushar is passionate about computer vision, text analysis technology, meeting developers, and helping in solving their problems. Currently, he is working as a software engineer in a leading mobile MNC working on artificial intelligence technologies. Recently, he has also worked as an open leader with Mozilla with a vision to empower developers with open practices and data science.

Tetsuya Jesse Hirata


Software Engineer
Talk :
Flask 2.0 vs Fast API in REST API developments


This talk compares the features of Flask 2.0 with that of Fast API for REST API development by using the four comparison indicators. By explaining the variety, performance, flexibility, learning cost of both frameworks, it could help python engineers to choose one in their daily developments.

Jesse's Bio:

Tetsuya is a software engineer based in Tokyo. He has been involved with several AI/ML projects in EdTech domain and has mainly been implementing ML APIs and ML Ops environment. Prior to this, he used to research the relationships between online learning behaviors and learning outcomes at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) in the UK. His interest is in how to bridge the gap between data science and engineering.

Yevonnael Andrew


Talk :
Stock Portfolio Optimization for Beginner Investors using Python


All investors, from large investors to the smallest individual investors, have a common problem with investing: how to decide where to invest, how much amount to invest, and how much risk to take? There are so many early investors when investing, do not use the required analytical techniques, this is due to the lack of sufficient fundamentals.

Yevonnael's Bio:

Yevonnael Andrew is from Indonesia. His interest and research topics are quantitative finance, physics-based machine learning, and data ethics. He is currently finishing his Master’s in ML & AI at Liverpool JMU, UK. Currently, he is serving his internship at Tokhimo (Tokyo, Japan) as IT Team Development. Previously he served his internship at UNDP Accelerator Lab Indonesia as Data Analyst. He has multiple teaching experiences, to name a few, DTS Kominfo (Ministry of ICT Indonesia), Bootcamp by DQLab, teaching on local universities, etc. He has delivered a talk at Pycon Indonesia, Pycon Malaysia, Omdena Sri Lanka on Data Science and Machine Learning topics. His hobbies are all about science and technology. His mission is to make data science more accessible to everyone. He is open to research opportunities (Jakarta based or remote).



CMScom Inc.
Talk :
Getting Started with Statically Typed Programing in Python 3.10


Now, Python is possible to write like the "typing" module statically typed. By that, you can significantly enhance the development experience. I'll start the talk with the basics of static-typing programming. It's included updates up to just released 3.10, writing knowledge, and best practices.

Peacock's Bio:

Working at CMScom ( for 2 years as a Web developer. Also, the staff at PyCon JP Association. Annually PyCon JP (since 2020), and Director of PyCon JP TV ( )

Worajedt Sitthidumrong


CEO and Founder
Skoode Skill Co,.Ltd /
Workshop :
50 Powerful Tasks to Learn PyCharm Pro



Worajedt's Bio:

Master of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Microsoft China Natural Language Processing intern, author of Python-wechaty, Chatbot and deep learning enthusiast.

Yothin Muangsommuk


Software Engineer Consultant
Talk :
Relearning Python the right way


What do you think if I tell you that the way most of us learning programming language is in the wrong way. If the answer is no, My talk will change your mind.

Man's Bio:

Man is a Software Engineer Consultant at ODDS. A Python enthusiasm, An occasional conference speaker and a community organizer. Passionate in Technical Excellence and Software Craftsmanship.

Zorex Salvo and Ryan Ermita


Web Developer
Talk :
Composing Music With Python


Music is all around us, all of the time. We can produce music with using almost anything so why not do it with python? This talk will show you how we can produce music or should I say create an art with programming instructions.

Zorex Bio:

Zorex has been a Developer for over 5 years. He has worked in various SaaS start-ups in the field of FinTech, Health Tech, and CRM. He mainly uses Python for integrating systems to third-party services that provide account aggregation, payment gateway, statements retrieval, and expense analysis generation.

Zorex is also one of the volunteers of Python Philippines that helps organize Python meetups, conferences, webinars (A Day in the Life of a WFH Pythonista). Before the pandemic, when he is not coding, you can find him competing on Ultimate Frisbee D leagues.

You might also find him performing acoustic covers at open mic sessions in the nearby bars in the central business district.