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PyCon Thailand is a community effort driven by the members of the Python Community in Bangkok and the entire organising team are all volunteers. PyCon Thailand is run as a Non-profit event and any money made from ticket sales or sponsorship is put back into this or future events to grow the community.

PyCon Thailand sets itself apart from many other developer events in Thailand by being both non-profit and by having an affordable ticket price. The event can be a professional conference that provides valuable training and networking to companies. PyCon Thailand also provides financial support to non-professional Python community of Thailand.

About Python

  • Python is an open source programming language.
  • #1 learning language in USA universities
  • #3 most popular developer language in the world
  • Used by organisations such as Google, Wikipedia, CERN, NASA, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.
  • Popularly used for Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Scientific Research and Data Analytics.

About PyCon

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. It is produced and underwritten by the Python Software Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting Python. Through PyCon, the PSF advances its mission of growing the international community of Python programmers.

  • PyCon (US) One of the top developer conferences
  • Established in 2003
  • Official conference of the Python community.
  • More than 50 regular PyCon events run globally.
  • Hosted in 45 different countries.
  • Supported and attended by the world’s top technology organisations.
  • Key topics include Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Science, Robotics, Web Development, DevOps, Internet of Things, Gaming and Databases.

The People

PyCon attracts people from all over the world. PyCon is one of the largest open source language developer conference in Thailand. In PyCon 2018, 83% attendees are from Thailand and 17% of the international attendees are well represented by South-east Asian countries. Many people traveled from the USA and all over Europe to attend too. This is because Thailand is also a well-known for it's good food, culture and climate. Attendees are entrepreneurs, developers, educators, engineers and young aspiring Python users. What they all have in common is a passion for the programming language, Python. They come to discover, meet people, learn stuff, have fun, and be inspired.


PyCon APAC is the Python conference for countries in the Asia Pacific and Australasia region, including countries that do not organize their own PyCon conference. Unlike PyCon US and EuroPython where the number of participants are more stable, the number of participants at PyCon APAC varies depending on the hosting country. The following is an estimate of past PyCon APAC's:

  • 200+ participants in PyCon APAC (Singapore)
  • 500+ participants in PyCon APAC (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 700+ participants in PyCon APAC (Taipei, Taiwan) The main medium of communication in PyCon APAC is also dependent on the hosting country.

PyCon Thailand is proud to be the host in 2021.

PyCon Thailand's History

  • 2020: Cancelled due to CoVid-19 crisis
  • 2019: Sold out 2 weeks before event with 450 attendees, more than double fold as compared to 2018.
  • 2018: 1st ever PyCon Thailand,a sold out event with over 200 attendees. See Archive and last years talks on youtube.
  • 2017: Pioneer PyCon Thailand team concieved and started organising
  • 2014: First ThaiPy Bangkok monthly meetup started by Dylan Jay