This information related to COVID-19 is subject to change and will be updated in accordance to travel advisory implemented by the Thai government. Due to the volatile situation, it is recommended to check on this page regularly.

Last update: 15 March 2021

The Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) of the Thai government has lowered the COVID-19 situation status of a number of major cities, declaring Bangkok “a controlled area” from the previous “a maximum controlled area”.

Procedures by event organisers

The offline event organised by PyCon TH will not be more than 300 attendees due to social distancing and we put health aspects of our attendees first. Offline event is planned in priority for local attendees and foreign attendees who chose to travel at their own expense.

The hotel’s meeting rooms and convention centres engaged will  execute the following measures:

  1. Clean all frequently touched surfaces before and after the service and dispose waste on a daily basis.
  2. Staff, clients and attendees must always wear surgical masks or fabric face masks throughout the event.
  3. Set up hand-washing stations with soap, alcohol gel or disinfectant
  4. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres between table, between seating and between walking spots. No extra seating or standing spots when reaching the maximum cap
  5. Control the number of participants to avoid overcrowding, be it at waiting areas, registration desk, parking stamp stations, information centre, and catering stations
  6. Conduct the registration before entering and exiting the venues and use government applications such as Thai Chana, Mor Chana or exercise control by recording and reporting the data in certain areas
  7. Implement screening system for respiratory symptoms and fever among staff, clients and attendees before entering the venues. Provide separate room for those with symptoms and report to local authorities in case PUI - Patient Under Investigation - is detected.
  8. Provide recording system that enables the contact with all attendees if infection case or PUI - Patient Under Investigation - is detected.
  9. No self-service food and beverage stations. Service staff must always wear face masks during service.
  10. Install ventilation system in the venues, meeting rooms and restrooms
  11. Consider providing transportation or shuttle service for participants to reduce risk of infection when using public transportation
  12. Keep a distance of at least one meter between seating spots and between standing spots in waiting and queuing areas
  13. Provide advice for participants. Supervise, monitor and control the services and meetings to reduce close gathering in order to be strictly in line with the established measures

Check-in Information

We will comply to using the Thai Chana and Mor Chana applications before and after the events to keep track of the attendees as requested by the Thai government.

Ticket registration will be conducted using no contact online app.