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Hybrid Event

The event will be held in a hybrid format, meaning that it will combine an in-person event with online components.

Participants will be able to choose to participate either in person or virtually. All talks will be pre-corded but speakers will be able to conduct the Q&A and Panel sessions in person at the venue or online that will be streamed during the allocated schedule(s).

In-person Participation

Participants attending the event in-person will benefit mostly from the high level of interaction, numerous networking opportunities and social programme. You get the chance to chat in person to the speakers, chairpersons and other attendees that have an expertise and interest in the same areas as you. Meet them in the discussion rooms, during coffee or lunch breaks, or simply by chance the hallways.

You can also take a break in our retreat room if the talks are weighing too much. Outside of conference hours, you can also explore the beautiful city of Bangkok. Read more about it here.

We will take additional measures for hygiene and social distancing to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

On top of everything mentioned above, as part of the Hybrid registration, delegates will have access to our virtual event platform where they can benefit from all other aspects of attending the event, mentioned next.

Online Participation

Participants unable to travel to the event in person will be able to attend the event virtually where they can watch engaging new content, grow their network and make new professional contacts via our virtual platform.

Remote participants will be able to view the pre-recorded talks, live-streamed Q&A sessions as well as plenary sessions such as the Opening Session, Lightning Talks, submit questions in the Q&A dropbox , attend virtual discussions sharing common topics, visit the Exhibition booths and interact with the exhibitors and event sponsors, all while benefiting from online interaction tools such as networking rooms and easy private socialising.

We know that online conference can be just as tiring as in-person conference. To allow you to watch your preferred talks at your convenience, all talks will be released at the same time. And if you have questions for the speakers regarding their talk, you have sufficient time to prepare your questions, choose to ask face-to-face live or drop your question in the question box.

There will also be a health track providing interesting talks from specialists providing helpful advice on which how to take good care of your back, your eyes and other mental health topics. Need to stretch? attend the yoga session and get your family members at home to join in!

With the current pandemic issue happening globally, we are carefully monitoring the local situation and if in the best interest of the event and the health & safety of our participants, we reserve the right to make changes to the event, such as to change the event format to fully online.

If that happens, we will inform you as soon as possible.